Aequalis Ascend™ Shoulder System

Aequalis Ascend™ Shoulder System

The Aequalis Shoulder System paved the way in anatomic shoulder reconstruction through defining the range of external anatomic variables such as inclination, version, medial offset, posterior offset and the anatomic progression of humeral head sizes.

The Aequalis Ascend Shoulder System has advanced the anatomic principal through the precise 3D understanding of the internal geometry of the humerus and a bone preserving short stem.

Aequalis Ascend™ Shoulder System

The Aequalis Ascend™ Advantage

Revolutionary Stem Design

  • Short stem design preserves bone in the humeral canal
  • Curved geometry protects the rotator cuff insertion during preparation and implantation
  • Proximal shape conserves the internal bone of the tuberosities
  • Proximal fixation and curved design simplify removal when revisions are necessary

Aequalis Ascend PTC Stem

The Aequalis Ascend PTC stem provides surgeons with the option to use a roughened proximal plasma coating for increased initial and long-term fixation.

  • Pure Titanium Coat (PTC)
  • Titanium Plasma Spray proximal coating
  • 1mm increased press-fit over standard stem option
  • Compatible with all existing humeral heads and instruments

Humeral Heads & Stem Sizes

Humeral Heads

  • Anatomic progression throughout the entire range
  • Infinite dialability
  • High and low offset head options to maximize humeral head coverage

Stem Size and Inclination

The humeral research resulted in 9 different humeral sizes that accommodate varying patient anatomy. Each stem size is available in 3 inclination angles that progressively increase with implant size (ranging from 125° to 145°).

Streamlined Technique

The Aequalis Ascend instruments provide a unique approach to preparing the bone by utilizing progressive compaction rather than reaming and broaching, which remove bone. This technique results in a dense bony bed for the final implant, ultimately providing a more stable construct. The streamlined instrumentation has been designed to provide a repeatable and efficient preparation of the humerus.

Fixation without Frustration

Glenoid Revolution

The Aequalis Ascend Anatomic stem, together with Tornier’s Cortiloc™ Glenoid, deliver Fixation without Frustration

* Data on file at Tornier, Inc.

Bone remodeling seen around glenoid fins
Image courtesy of Edward Fehringer, MD, Omaha, NE

CortiLoc™ Glenoid

Initial pullout 300% stronger than comparable alternative pegged glenoid components1

90% bone incorporation into central fin and 0% loosening after two years minimum clinical and radiographic follow-up1


Glenoid Pivoting Reamers

Pivoting reamers allow for low profile insertion into the joint space and pivot into a straight position to act as a self-retaining retractor

1 Churchill RS. Trends in glenoid component design in unconstrained shoulder arthroplasty.
J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2011; 20: 41-46. di10106/jj201010036

Ordering Information

Aequalis Ascend PTC

7503301A1A66 mm125°
7503301B1B66 mm130°
7503301C1C66 mm135°
7503302A2A70 mm125°
7503302B2B70 mm130°
7503302C2C70 mm135°
7503303A3A74 mm125°
7503303B3B74 mm130°
7503303C3C74 mm135°
7503304A4A78 mm127.5°
7503304B4B78 mm132.5°
7503304C4C78 mm137.5°
7503305A5A82 mm127.5°
7503305B5B82 mm132.5°
7503305C5C82 mm137.5°
7503306A6A86 mm127.5°
7503306B6B86 mm132.5°
7503306C6C86 mm137.5°
7503307A7A90 mm130°
7503307B7B90 mm135°
7503307C7C90 mm140°
7503308A8A94 mm130°
7503308B8B94 mm135°
7503308C8C94 mm140°
7503309A*9A98 mm130°
7503309B*9B98 mm135°
7503309C*9C98 mm140°
* Special Order Only

Aequalis Ascend

503301A1A66 mm125°
503301B1B66 mm130°
503301C1C66 mm135°
503302A2A70 mm125°
503302B2B70 mm130°
503302C2C70 mm135°
503303A3A74 mm125°
503303B3B74 mm130°
503303C3C74 mm135°
503304A4A78 mm127.5°
503304B4B78 mm132.5°
503304C4C78 mm137.5°
503305A5A82 mm127.5°
503305B5B82 mm132.5°
503305C5C82 mm137.5°
503306A6A86 mm127.5°
503306B6B86 mm132.5°
503306C6C86 mm137.5°
503307A7A90 mm130°
503307B7B90 mm135°
503307C7C90 mm140°
503308A8A94 mm130°
503308B8B94 mm135°
503308C8C94 mm140°
503309A*9A98 mm130°
503309B*9B98 mm135°
503309C*9C98 mm140°
* Special Order Only